How long do you use the QuantumPulse?

A brief amount of time, from 30 seconds to 4 minutes.

I saw a cheaper machine similar to the QuantumPulse on another site, why should I choose a QuantumPulse?

The QuantumPulse was designed by Gene Koonce, founder of VIBE Technologies, who has an extensive background in electronics. Gene has owned and operated his own business, in the same location, for 34 years.

We feel strongly that reputation and ethics should not be sacrificed to save a little money. We, at VIBE Technologies, have established ourselves in the industry as customer service oriented and accessible. This is very important when you, our customers, have a question or concern. We’re committed to being here when you need us, and standing behind our products and services.

Can the QuantumPulse be used by anyone?

We do not allow individuals who have pacemakers or any other implanted, powered machines, pregnant women or children under the age of 18 to use the QuantumPulse.

How can I personally experience a QuantumPulse session?

Check the locator on our website frequently as locations are being updated daily.

Is the machine FDA approved?

The QuantumPulse is not a medical device and is not intended to be used in a medical situation of any kind; therefore, it is not FDA cleared.